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New 2022 Arrivals

April with her Quads born 2/25/2022

#1 Buckling - $100

Doelings #2 & #3

Retained by BWP Dairy Goats

#4 Buckling - $100

April delivered during a Sub-Zero Arctic blast and no electric power.  Her kids all did well as we were able to assist her in drying them quickly. They are 88%​ Nigerian Dwarf, 12% Boer. April is one of my favorite milkers and we will be retaining her doelings this year. 

#1 Buckling or Wether*  $100

--Horned - disbudded

-- Gold with white markings

--Brown eyes

 #2 Doeling - "Amarillo" (Amy)

-- Horned - disbudded 

-- Chamoisee with white pol

-- Blue eyes

(RETAINED by BWP Dairy Goat Ranch)

 #3 Doeling - "Abilene" (Abby)

-- Horned - disbudded

-- Chamoisee with white markings and pol

-- Brown eyes

(RETAINED by BWP Dairy Goat Ranch)

#4 Buckling or Wether* $100

--Horned - disbudded

-- Cream coat with white pol

-- Blues eyes

*These wethers are only $50 each if purchased as a companion goat with a 2022 ADGA Big White Pines goat.

Ellie Spitfire with her Twins born 02/26/2022

Ellie delivered during the Sub-Zero Arctic blast also.  Lucky girl... her barn stall was able to be heated for the birth of these kids.

P1 - ADGA eligible Buckling  $350



-- Horned - disbudded

-- Swiss Marked

-- Blue eyes

P2 -ADGA Buckling RETAINED by BWP Dairy Goats


"Ephraim" from THE BIBLE - Prosperous, Productive, Fertile

-- Polled (naturally hornless)

-- Chamoise & Swiss Marked combo

-- Blue eyes 

(P1 ) "Swiss" - $350.00

Ellie's Bucklings 

"Ephraim"- Retained

Ellie and her bucklings at 2 weeks old.

"Swiss" and Ephraim.

Check back with us later as the next Kids of 2022 are expected to arrive in May! 

 You can estimate the base price for one of our ADGA Eligible, Great Milking Line, Purebred Nigerian Dwarf kids at $300

plus $50 for each "BONUS" Characteristic ie. doeling, blue eyes, polled status.  

Sire: Chance (Chamoise carrying Black)

Dam: Sienna (Buckskin or Lt. Sundgau carrying Black)

ADGA eligible Purebred Nigerian Dwarf

Due Date:  May 20, 2022

Prodigy Potential: Blue Eyes

Sire: Handsome (Bezoar)

Dam: MilkyWay (Chocolate)

ADGA eligible Purebred Nigerian Dwarf

Due Date:  May 29, 2022

Prodigy Potential:  Blue Eyes

Sire:  Rio (Gold carrying Black)

Dam: Shadow (Red Buckskin)

ADGA eligible Purebred Nigerian Dwarf

Due Date:  June 6 , 2020

Prodigy Potential:  Polled

Sire: Rio (Gold carrying Black)

Dam:  Luna (Sundgau)

ADGA eligible Purebred Nigerian Dwarf

Due Date: June 15, 2022

Prodigy Potential:  Polled,  Blue Eyes

Staggered breeding for extended milk production! --- More pairings to be added once dates are confirmed.