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Big White Pines Dairy Goats​

Goats are herd animals and should not be raised alone. Unless you already own a goat, Big White​ Pines will not sell you "only one" goat.  It's just THAT important to the goat's well-being.   It's not usually a problem as (consider yourself forewarned), goats are addictive!  Perhaps that's why goats are sometimes compared to potato chips... no one can have just one!  ;)

​We've had several great looking bucks born the past few years, but not all of them end up being herd sires. **WETHER** is the term used for a castrated buckling.  We usually do the procedure around 16 weeks of age.  This gives the urinary system time to develop, reducing the risk of renal calculi. (kidney stones) Castrating bucklings allows them to be great pets and weed eaters as well as an important companion for another goat.

Please note: A companion pet *wether may be purchased for only $50 (while available)

 to accompany an ADGA Champion Bloodlines Big White Pines goat

 if necessary. 

General Sales Information

Most of our herd consists of ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats from good Milking and Show Champion Bloodlines.

Pedigrees can be viewed at ADGAgenetics.org 

You'll find the prices we ask for our BigWhitePines herd members to be quite reasonable 

considering the quality of each of our goats. 

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and have fun!