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2022 ADGA Arrivals

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Sienna's ADGA Triplets

"Miss Molly" 

P3  Brown-eyed Doeling 05-19-22

Due to the recent passing of her owner, (Condolences to the family) "Miss Molly" has rejoined our herd, along with her sister "Oreo'N Milk" from 2021. No specific plans for these pretty little does at this time. We're letting them get to know their herd mates again. 




MilkyWay's ADGA Twins


Retained by Anna

Rest in Peace, "SunnyBoy". 

11/08/2022 --  A very sad day on the farm. We lost Milkyway's buckling, "SunnyBoy" at noon today. I found him alive in his hut this morning, but very cold. We had had an extreme dip in temperatures last night. His two "room mates" seemed to be fine. We brought him inside and warmed him and thought he had turned the corner, then he suddenly died and we were unable to get him back.  Rest in Peace Sweet Little One.  You were very loved. These were my granddaughter, Anna's kids from her doe, Milkyway.  She has decided to keep "Precious", Milkyway's doeling.

Luna's ADGA Doeling


Madi's  ADGA Twins

                                       "Fancy Face"

RETAINED by BWP                   

​                                 SOLD

Starlet's ADGA Twins



             RETAINED by BWP

Hailey's ADGA Twins


P13 - Brown-eyed Buckling 11-27-2022


P14 - Blue-eyed Buckling 11-27-2022

Shadow's ADGA Kids

Coming Soon

Ember's ADGA Kids

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