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Big White Pines Dairy Goats‚Äč


We raise purebred Nigerian Dwarf Goats as a hobby in Northern Idaho. I consider them all to be my pets. The first kids of our 2022 season arrived the end of February 2022! The last 2022 delivery occured on December 3rd. 

 WHEW - what a year!

We breed primarily for good dairy characteristics, but blue eyes and polled (naturally hornless) status are also taken into consideration. Most of my goats are registered with ADGA and many are from Super Genetics and good milk lines. If you are interested in any of Big White Pines Dairy Goats, please feel free to browse our "Meet Our Herd" page. We encourage you to  CONTACT US  for additional information, if desired.  Otherwise...

 This website is intended to be a basic introduction to our herd and each years' newest "Little Cuties". 

Ellie Spitfire & Bucklings 2022

Ellie Spitfire 

(our opinionated Buckskin/ Swiss doe) 



ya know!"

You're SO right, Ellie!


Our Blood Lines Include...

Rosasharn;  Antiquity Oaks;  Prairie Wood;  Twin Creeks;  Goodwood; Camanna; DesertNanny;  Blue Cactus;  KW Farms;  LilCountryKids;  Proctor Hill Farm;  NC PromisedLand;  Castle Rock; Calico Creek; Old Mountain Farm

Established 2019

!! NOTICE !!

We are downsizing our herd this year by selling several of our more experienced does.  Please browse the FOR SALE page.

We're now breeding this Winter for April - June 2023 kids (and the delicious, nutritious goat milk it will bring us).  If you are interested in purchasing a "pre-bred" doe, please CONTACT US 

Prices vary. ($75 - $350)  We will consider all reasonable offers from those who are able to provide adequate feed and shelter for these animals!  (I love them and want the best for them and their new owners.) To assist you, I'm leaving a link to an article here.



(This article was written by Deborah Niemann - author of "Raising Goats Naturally..." who was also the owner of Antiquity Oaks Coco Chanel and Rosasharn FS Pegasus whom she mentions in her books.  They are my Sienna's grandparents! ...the foundation doe for much of our herd.)

Anyone who hasn't had their "head in the sand" the past year, should be aware, by now, of the dangers we could be facing when it comes to providing safe nutritious food for ourselves and our families! BTW, if you judge goat milk only by the "white liquid" you might have purchased from a grocery store in the past, you REALLY need to sample fresh Nigerian Dwarf goat milk. You don't know what you're missing! It's not only delicious to drink, but because of its high butterfat content, it makes an excellent coffee creamer as well as yummy cheese.